A world that does not need our help.



Our initial mission is twofold and simple; first to provide financial aid to to recovering addicts to improve their self esteem and their ability to return to a normal life; in short, help them move Forward with financial help from Friends who share our desires. Second, to provide someone who will listen to and provide encouragement and advice to needy Friends.

Our ultimate mission is //



Preface and Plea; The founder is writing these Principles of Operation for Forward with Friends, LLC and its web site. It is my plea that my successors will continue to follow them as it grows. 

As to Purpose

  • We believe there are both physical (drugs, alcohol, food, etc,) addictions and spiritual (greed, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth) addictions.  
  • We will help anyone asking us or who is referred to us who is recovering or wants to recover from any addiction, both physical and spiritual, in any way we are able.

As to Receiving Gifts

  • We will not ask for money, but will accept free-will no-strings contributions from any person or organization.
  • We will not bombard anyone with snail mail or e-mail requests for your money nor will we offer or send "free" gifts that prey on your conscience or try to lay a guilt trip on you to shame you into contributing.
  • We will, once a year on this website, thank you for your money, remind you of our purpose, and suggest you might continue your financial support.

As to Endorsements and Referrals

  • We will happily provide links and referrals, with prior approval, to other people, services and facilities who share our desire to help Friends in need. 
  • We will also welcome links and referrals from others who have a genuine interest in needy Friends. We will do what we can to remove links having a malicious or frivolous intent. We will not however condemn those doing it.
  • We will happily endorse, with prior approval, any person, service, or facility that shares our desire to aid needy Friends.
  • We will happily accept and welcome endorsements from others who have a genuine interest in helping us help needy Friends. We will do what we can to remove endorsements having a malicious or frivolous intent. We will not however condemn those doing it. 

As to Advertisements

  • We will happily offer and display Forward with Friends, LLC promotional products and, hopefully, products developed by Forward with Friends, LLC to partially "pay our way."
  • We will not accept or display unrelated unapproved uncontrolled advertisements. 

As to Aid to Needy Friends

  • We will happily e-mail, text, message, and/or talk with any Forward movng needy Friend attempting to get free of their addiction(s) to help in whatever way we can.
  • We will happily financially gift, in the most risk-less way, any Forward movng needy Friend having difficulties that money can fix. We also know such aid will sometimes be misused, addiction driven, but will not condemn or blacklist that person.

As to Aid to Others

  • We will happily do what we can to aid other organizations with similar objectives without strings; time, personnel, and funds permitting.
  • We will happily accept offered similar aid when it is offered without strings. 

 As to Our Staff

  •  There must always be at least one compassionate, understanding recovering addict on our staff and available almost 24/7 to provide immediate aid and to initate longer term aid.
  • to dispense financial gifts, not necessarily to the needy Friend, but to the organization to which the money is due.

As to Our Assets


As to Our Success


Postscript; I beg my successors to read Hebrews 11 in its entirety and consider this company as one I started by faith that God has approved it and will lead you to success.

1. The Principles of the Scriptural Knowledge Institution founded by George Müller and documented in “The Autobiography of George Müller” should be used as a guide concerning gifts and finances.
2. I should bequeath Forward with Friends to an odd number of unrelated owners, five seemed best, but three worked, also.
3. The management team should be an odd number of unrelated people, five seemed best.
4. Major decisions should be agreed-to by a majority of the management team.
5. Owners could be and perhaps should be part of the management team.
6. One owner should be a recovering addict.
7. One of the management team should be a recovering addict.
8. Experience in legal, business, finances, and record keeping should be essential requirements among the management team.
9. The management team also should have a ‘doubting Thomas,’
10.Names for various positions came up but will not be disclosed here. Much needs to be done first.
11. Owners, management, and workers should all align with the 7 Heavenly Virtues and not be influenced by any of the 7 Deadly Sins.
12, Endorsement and non-financial support should be sought and would be given from many well-known personalities and also from some not-so-well known persons





  1. We consider every believer to be called to help the cause of Christ, and we have scriptural reasons to expect the Lord’s blessing on our work of faith and labor of love.
  2. With the Lord’s help we will not seek the patronage of the world. We never intend to ask unconverted people of rank or wealth to support this institution because we believe this would be dishonorable to the Lord.
  3. We will not ask unbelievers for money although we will accept their contributions if they offer them of their own accord.
  4. We reject the help of unbelievers in managing or carrying on the affairs of the institution.
  5. We intend never to enlarge the field of labor by contracting debts and then appealing to the church for help.
  6. We will not measure the success of the institution by the amount of money given or the number of Bibles distributed, but by the Lord’s blessing on the work.
  7. While we avoid needless separation, we desire to go on simply according to the scripture, without compromising the truth.