Who we are

This website, forwardwithfriends.org is operated by Forward with Friends, LLC. The organization began with an application mailed on 30, 2019. The company was recorded on June 6, 2019  in the Lewis County Kentucky Record  Book titled Articles of Inc, Book 3 page 513.

The company's Federal Employer Identification Number is dated 06-10-2019 and is EIN 84-1991760. 

It is a non-profit organization presently with less than $50.00 on hand. Forward with Friends, LLC hopes to change that through donations and gifts from caring Friends out there. 

What we intend to do

Our intent is to provide spiritual and financial aid to help  our needy Friends (recovering addicts and others) move Forward by using the gifts of our concerned Friends around the world and here at Forward with Friends Central. 

We have a checking account with the Citizens Deposit Bank in Vanceburg, Kentucky.

Our snail mail address is;

Forward with Friends
PO B 204
Vanceburg KY, 41179-0204

We still need an email address to exchange spiritual support and a means to accept electronic transfer of financial gifts.

We are here as middle-man to serve you, to help you, to be your Rock of Help, your Ebenizer.